Academic Programs

One need not attend a North Carolina based educational institution to fulfill the NCBDN’s minimum academic requirements for licensure; however, all academic course work must be obtained at a regionally accredited institution or a foreign equivalent. For more information on the meaning of “regionally accredited” please click here.

Regardless of geographical location, if a bachelor’s or graduate academic program is ACEND accredited, the academic program will meet the NCBDN’s academic requirements for the LDN license. For more information on ACEND accredited distance education programs, please visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website and use their program search tool.

Recently, the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists created an accrediting body for the academic program required for the CNS credential. For more information on programs accredited by this body, the Accredidation Council for Nutrition Professional Education (ACNPE), please visit the ACNPE's website and use their program search tool. 

*Please note: For all categories board-approved supervised practice, and the passing of an exam, are also part of North Carolina’s licensing requirements.