Inactive Status Request & Relinquishing Your License

Please note: Licensees may only apply for Inactive Status before their license expires on March 31st of the current calendar year. You may not apply for Inactive Status after your license has expired or lapsed. Inactive status is effective upon submission.

You may wish to go on Inactive Status if you will not be practicing dietetics and/or nutrition for a period of time, but plan to return to the profession, in NC, at some point in the future. While on Inactive Status, you will not be subject to the yearly renewal fees. When you want to reactivate, you will only pay the current renewal fee. You will be required, however, to maintain your continuing education requirements as provided in 21 NCAC 17.0111, while you are inactive. Click here to log into the NCBDN Gateway to request Inactive Status.

If you are sure you will no longer be working as a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist or Licensed Nutritionist in North Carolina, it may be more appropriate for you to relinquish your license. If you choose to take this action please complete the Relinquish Process within your Licensee Gateway Account. If you do not inform the Board of your status, and you do not renew or relinquish your license, your license will be considered Lapsed.

If you are seeking information on Reactivating or Reinstating your license, please visit our Reactivation/Reinstatement page by clicking here.