Relinquish your License

If you will no longer be working as a licensed dietitian/nutritionist, provisionally licensed dietitian/nutritionist, licensed nutritionist, or provisionally licensed nutritionist in North Carolina, we ask that you complete the Relinquish process by logging into the NCBDN Licensee GatewayRelinquished status is effective upon receipt of the request. It cannot be pre or post-dated. You are eligible to relinquish your license at any time.

If you may return to North Carolina to practice dietetics or nutrition in the future, and you currently have an Active license, please read about Inactive Status before relinquishing.

Once a license is relinquished, to return to practice in North Carolina, you will need to reapply and will be subject to the full application,  issuance, and criminal background check fees. More about Reinstatement can be found by visiting our Reinstatement page.

If you do not inform the Board of your status, and you do not renew your license, your license will be considered Lapsed. As a lapsed licensee you may be subject to additional procedures upon reinstating.