Filing a Complaint

The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (the NCBDN) is charged with the mission of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of North Carolina from harmful nutrition practice by providing for the licensure and regulation of persons engaged in the practice of dietetics and/or nutrition and by establishing educational standards for those persons. The Board has a duty to investigate all complaints that it receives alleging violation of Article 25 of Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes (the Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act) and the rules of the Board. The General Statutes of North Carolina and the Administrative Code establish protocols for the review of complaints and set grounds for possible disciplinary action.

More detail regarding the complaint process and investigations is available by reviewing the Complaint Procedures document posted here:

Click here to review the Complaint Procedures Document

Before submitting a complaint…

All other professions licensed under Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes who are practicing within the scope of their licensed profession, are exempt from the requirements of the Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act. Therefore, if you are seeking to file a complaint against a practitioner licensed under Chapter 90, who is practicing within the scope of their professional license and who is not a licensed dietitian/nutritionist  or licensed nutritionist (please click here for a list of professions licensed under Chapter 90), please raise your concerns to the appropriate profession’s Board. The NCBDN does not have jurisdiction over Chapter 90 licensed professionals who are practicing within the scope of their license and who are not using the titles licensed dietitian/nutritionist or licensed nutritionist.

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If you would prefer to submit a complaint via a paper form, please contact the Board office at: or 919-388-1931.